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Turkish Citizenship

How to be Turkish Citizen for the foreigners?

Since 2011 many cultures interest to live in İstanbul. İstanbul is most valuable city of Turkey. And that city is heart of country. This cause mant different culture (specially Arabic countries) coming Turkey. İnvestment is the best choice to be Turkish citizen. Pass 3 years home prices 3 times up in the city. Firsth investors are made their money 3 times biger in the short time. And they gain the Turkish İdentification.

According to Turkish laws, purchasing more than 400.000$ properties, and keeping during 3 years is enough to be citizen. There are other choices again, İnvest to bank 500.000$ and keep again 3 years. But the first choice is the more clever. Because you may up your money during you live in city. Some investors are purchase more then 1 home. They are getting 2 or 3 houses to 1 of them to live the other ones are to rent. This way is the intteligence choice to make your money bigger. İn the laws you must buy all total price more then 400.000$, that mean you can buy more then 1 place.

İstanbul has multi municipality. And some managment is full for the foreigners. This is the important point that know to where should buy properties. Consultancy is important to learn the places where is possible to be Turkish citizen. And documantation is the need experiance, that is why many consultancy firm is servicing in İstanbul. You have to choice your consultant according to their experiance. Who knows the process of citizen documantation.

For you and your family, İstanbul provides new and luxiry life. Before to be late make your investment to your life. Supply to your family calm and safety life in İstanbul.

We are here to help you make the best choice for your investment.

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