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Just decide to your new life in İstanbul. And make your clever investment. Our members handle all the details for you. According to turkish laws you may keep your place during 3 years, then deserve to Turkish citizenship.

Turkey has 82 cities. 30 of them is central city. Every part of Turkey has different surprises. Some of cities has largest lakes of Europe, some cities has socond higest mountain of Asia. Both side of Turkey wrapped with seas. That differences makes the country fully adventures. İn the same day, the peoples makes skibord on the east side, and the north side you can take sun bath.

Most famous cities for the summer vocation is İzmir, Antalya and Muğla. This cities close to Aegean sea and Maditerranian seas. Every summers this cities visiting by more then 5 millions vacationer. And that case makes the cities culturel tresure.

East side of Turkey has matchless mountains and forests. The forests ar shows every season incredible wievs. İf you interest for skibord, you can try that enjoyfully experience.

For the make business, İstanbul is matchless city. Because the city has many ports to import and export. And the city has many industriael area. Because of high population, İstanbul present a lot of business facility.

Turkey İstanbul Life

İn Turkey, we have many different life styles becouse of this selections. Some people likes to calm and peacifull life. Some people like the enjoyfull and movement life. And also that is possible to live warm and friendly life at Turkey.

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Turkey estate price

Especially İstanbul, the cith is huge and high population. That habitat makes the city 24 hours in live.

For the people who is living in Turkey, they have no time to get bore. İf you want to change your lifestyle, just decide to your desire. Turkey can provide you, your dreams.

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