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İstanbul Home Projects

Most valuable houses waiting for new investors. During passed 3 years, especially in İstanbul homes earned more then %300 gain.

This passing 10 years İstanbul growed up more then %30 population. This growth cause is new huge and luxury projects of İstanbul. Especially Europian side has more then 100 new installation projects. Like as same Turkish people, Foreigners also interest with that growing. Because the growing is pushing the prices up fastly. For example firsth investors of that projects earned in the 10 years more then 10 times. Aslo that investors gain their citizenship in that time. According to Turkish laws, if you buy a home more then 400.000$ and keep it during 3 years, you can gain Turkish identity card. İt makes you Turkish citizen.

İnvestors are making more investment to new project in Turkey. Because it is clear to new homes are bring much more income. İn İstanbul population need home to rent also. İnvestors are rent their homes are if they have in the hand more then requirement. New population need new places to live in İstanbul, this situation increasing up rents also.

The second important attent focus is differencense of the homes. İn İstanbul it is possible to find a home for each budget. Standart aperment to extra luxury villas exist in the choices. İstanbul likes luxuriy. Most of standart site has swimming pools and kind gardens, football and basketball places, gyms and tennis corts. Shopping, cafes and restaurants. Even smallest complex has security web. İt provides you safety life. City likes to active life. All the city is active 24 hours.

İf your choise is Luxury, İstanbul may provide you more than your demand. As we said before Turkey likes luxury. Villas has separete garden and swimming pool is available every part of İstanbul. With doublex or triblex villas provides to relax life for crowded families.

İstanbul Home and Citizenship Service: +90 536 714 25 35

Turkey can supply you, your dream life without effort. While you investing and growing your money, you can enjoy with your incredible life. Call us before to late. We are ready for your consultancy real estate and Turkish citizenship process

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